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There are many variables in pricing for junk removal. The most common way we price is by the volume of the contents we are removing and how much space & weight it will take in our trailer. Check out our pricing page 

Our service consists of at-least two guys arriving in a truck and trailer to remove your unwanted junk. They will have some few hand tools and a appliance dolly on the truck unless they know in advance of additional tools needed.

We carry at-least 1 million in liability and auto insurance. We carry a license and bond in any jurisdiction that requires it.  Ohio does not have any such requirement for Junk removal specifically, however we a licensed and bonded as a general contractor, as junk removal is a division of our business. We also are backed by Google Guarantee.

We do this all the time. We work with the customer to get a clear understanding of expectation and to gain access, we then will send photos of completed work and the customer can pay the invoice remotely.

We simply dont have the time or space to try to sell peoples junk. We recycle and donate what we can and the rest is disposed of.

All of our services are paid services. We don’t buy your junk or want your junk. We are a for profit business. We have trucks, trailers, insurances, advertising, labor, disposal etc etc costs to run our business. This is why we charge for our service.

We aggressively priced to the point that we are usually cheaper or the same cost of renting a dumpster, except we load it for you and haul it away. No need for you to have to make appointments for drop off and haul away. Best part is you sit back and relax and we do the hard work.

We are a locally owned company and have no affiliation with any franchises.